The Lovely & Talented.

              I am often asked, what is your genre? To which I reply,  life  .  .  .​

                Because that is what I write about. Every aspect of my writing whether it's fiction, nonfiction or  

                  professional  stems  from  life  experience  and  cannot  be  shoved  into  one  category   .  .  .    

                   That's  just  not how life is  lived.  It bleeds  over into that other thing,  and shapes  perceptions  

                   and impacts experiences.


                   Twenty-seven years in the nonprofit sector including program development, strategic planning,  

              nonprofit management, board development, capacity building, grant writing & fund development  

           (largest award $3.2 million, most recent award $2.4 million). I have served in numerous positions including

         Program Administrator, Grant Writer, Media Outreach Director, Executive Director, Grant Writing Instructor,    

      and Nonprofit Consultant. I received my undergraduate degree in English from Loyola Marymount University,

      and my Master’s of Science degree in Public Administration from California State University, Los Angeles.

      So I've embraced all of that and figured out a way to make it all work.    

 There  is no  separation  from  Amber the  fiction writing  author and  Amber  the  business writing                                  

  author. I am simply, an author. Your author. Because I write, for you.

My words are expressions of 27 years of nonprofit experiences--refined, defined, and outlined to strengthen communities. Or 40 years of imagination, creative curiosity, and risk-taking--shaped, molded, crafted to tell a story. Whether it's about how to sustain a nonprofit organization or the evolution of a main character, it's the same--it's writing. The content is different, but the writing process is the same. 


So . . . no genre. No focus. just words, coming to life. Giving. Supporting. Expanding. I am, and forever will be

Your Author. An honor I hold near and dear to my heart.