The Nonprofit Board of Directors: How to Attract Powerhouse Boardmembers


Discover why the nonprofit board of directors is so important. Have you ever wondered why most of the training out there is for board member development, when the executive director is breaking his/her back keeping the organization going? It’s because you don’t know the secret of the Board of Directors

  • understanding the purpose of a nonprofit Board of Directors
  • the benefits of a Powerhouse Board
  • how to recruit board members
  • the Board, the key to powerful fundraising
  • how to get a six figure salary, compliments of your board of directors


Learn why  it takes more than community need, passion, a great cause, and a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status to make a nonprofit organization successful.

  • the most common myths about nonprofits
  • the most common reasons why nonprofits fail
  • what a founder needs to know in order to create a successful organization
  • the five rules every founder must know BEFORE filing for nonprofit status
  • the step-by-step roadmap for building a strong nonprofit organization

Why Nonprofits Fail: The Truth Executive Director Should Know


How to Start a Nonprofit: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Start a Nonprofit Organization, Made Easy!

Discover how to powerfully set up your nonprofit organization through Nonprofit Sequencing., a step-by-step guide for nonprofit leaders on everything you need to do to create a fully sustainable nonprofit organization.

  • understanding the purpose of a nonprofit organization
  • deciding on whether to start a nonprofit or for profit
  • the roles and responsibilities of the founders
  • what it takes to build a successful nonprofit
  • and the steps for forming a legal organization. 


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